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Handmade Soap
$7 Ea.

Handmade Goats Milk Soap

Made with goats milk, hemp glycerine, olive oil and a dash of patchuli and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has natural anti-microbial properties while the goats milk makes the bar extra soft and, along with the olive oil, moisturizes your skin. Hemp glycerine has natural skin-repairing properties for healing chapping and dryness brought on by daily life and the elements. The patchouli oil lends a soothing 'earthy' scent that is not over-powering- just the right amount.
Approx. 5 oz bar

Moustache Wax

For the daper man with an unruly labium superius oris. Our all-natural formula has been developed and extensively tested by Dan- a man that knows a thing or 2 about moustaches. Made with Corrales beeswax, olive oil, and a hint of cedar wood and lavender. This wax not only styles and holds better than any other beeswax-based moustache wax I've found, it also conditions your moustache to keep it healthy, happy, and epically awesome.
1 oz metal tin.

Beeswax Hand Salve
$8 Ea.

Beeswax Hand Salve

A new and improved formula! Now made with olive oil, organic coconut oil, Corrales raw beeswax, vitamin E oil and patchouli oil. Coconut oil has amazing skin rejuvenation abilities and olive oil is excellent for dry, weathered skin. Vitamin E oil helps skin to repair itself and the beeswax creates a natural ‘seal’ that holds the nourishing agents for the skin to absorb. Hand-made by Dan, Lindsey and Ryker.
5 oz jar.

Shorn Goat Shave Soap
$5 Ea.

The Shorn Goat Shave Soap

Some people use the crap in the can... Worse yet, some use electric razors (shudder). But for those of you with at least a shred of dignity- allow us to introduce you to our goats milk shaving soap. Made with goats milk for a smooth, moisturizing lather and a hint of cedar wood oil and lavendar for a smell that is manly yet delicate. Bentonite clay has been added to give your soap excellent slip- resulting in less razor burn and fewer nicks and cuts. For men or women. A shave brush is recommended but our soap works just as well without. Handmade by Dan, Lindsey & Ryker.
Approx. 3.5 oz round bar.